Here you can find most projects I've created and worked on so far:


Cross-platform, offline-first Kanban board desktop application with a focus on simplicity and user experience. Made with Tauri and Nuxt.js v3, official successor to Kanban Electron.

Made with: HTML, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, Nuxt.js v3, Tauri, JSON

Productivity Suite

All-in-one web app for productivity tools like a Pomodoro timer and a Kanban board, with user authentication and cloud save using Supabase as the backend.

Made with: HTML, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Nuxt.js, Supabase (PostgreSQL Database + Authentication)

Ultramarine Linux Website

Designed and implemented a landing page for the Linux Distribution Ultramarine, which is based on Fedora Linux.

Made with: HTML, Tailwind CSS, Javascript, Astro


A CLI Tool for making Files from newer Ableton 10 Versions (10.1.x) compatible with older ones (10.0.x)

Made with: .NET, C#, XML, Ableton Live Sets


Collaborated with 2 people to build a Genshin Impact themed collectible game with mechanics similar to Pokémon, made for the Supabase Launch Week 5 Hackathon.

Made with: HTML, TailwindCSS, TypeScript/JavaScript, Vue.js v3, Supabase

Lohem Bot

Discord bot for the community Lohem, based around the game The Isle. Manages gameserver config files over FTP and integrates this concept with features like a currency system.

Made with: Python,, SQLite, FTP Data Transfer, JSON

Crrowdsourced Blend Bot

Discord bot which automatically adds Spotify songs from a channel to a playlist.

Made with: Python,, SQLite

Custom Startpage

Custom Start Page with bookmarks etc. as a New Tab page for my browser using a browser extension

Made with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Browser Extension


Web app to visualize results from the official GraphQL API in a unique way using an infinite carousel.

Made with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, GraphQL API

Ultramarine Linux Welcome App

Front-end for a work in progress welcome app for the Linux distro Ultramarine Linux

Made with: HTML, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, Nuxt.js, Tauri